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I'm Nicole Jeffries

I'm a wife and a mother with a love for Jesus and agriculture.

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Four years ago I started this journey out of despiration with very little experience.


I was born into a family of entrepreneurs but I never had a dream of being one. When the time came I headed off to college on a mission to become a veterinarian. As you can see, that didn't become my reality but instead.. I earned my associates in animal science, was forced to take a couple horticulture classes and swore I would never put my time into plant research after that... God definitely has a sense of humor.   
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My husband and I got married at 19 and became parents at 21. We chose this life and don't regret it for a second. My first pregnancy resulted in postpartum depression and a longing for something more. I needed to find something for myself, other than being a wife and a mother.
I knew I had always had a love for agriculture and that we had no money.

With info from the internet, $1,000 that we scraped together, and the will to get up off the couch, we started what is now Bedrock Barn.

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We're following Gods lead, carefully praying about every move we make to change what we do with each passing year. We have goals of becoming a USDA inspected dahlia tuber supplier in 2024. We are looking forward to opportunities for educational classes and u-pick sessions while our dahlias are in season ,and more. I want you to have what I have, know what I know, and enjoy what I get to enjoy, at your own home.

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Our Family Of 5

It started with the two of us, married at 19.
First came Bo boy, our sweet pup and the perfect first addition to our family. Then, with our daughter Karsyn, our son Easton, and our new addition, due in January 2024, we will be promoted to a family of 5.
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