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What we started with

Here are the list of things I started with, some worked fine for the time being and some I would not recommend.

  • Jiffy seed starting greenhouse with peat pellets (These worked fine for my first year but I wouldn’t stick with these forever)

  • seeds from Johnny seeds and Floret ( I would definitely recommend seeds from them both)

  • a $60 greenhouse from amazon with a space heater in it (absolutely 100% do not recommend.... I mean you live and you learn, am I right? Lolol)

  • solo cups with holes in the bottom to switch my seedlings to when they outgrew the peat pellets. (Also just recommend spending the money on something a little higher quality)

  • I used Miracle-gro moisture control potting mix (10/10 recommend, I’ve tried other potting mixes since then and I like this the best)

I had no weed barrier, no fertilizer, no netting, almost no deer protection, none of that, I simply couldn’t afford it all.

What we use now

  • paperpot system- Paperpot planter as well as the paper pot seed starting trays and links to plant in the ground. I haven’t planted these out I the field yet but using them for seed starting this year so far I highly recommend

  • still using floret and Johnny seeds for seeds

  • I used Muddy acres flower farm for my dahlia tubers last year and bear creek farms this year

  • I bought a small greenhouse from marketplace and it’s higher quality and is very helpful with my seedlings

  • still using Miracle-gro moisture control potting mix

  • Linkable shop lights from amazon and plastic shelving units from harbor freight for growing our seedlings before they hit the greenhouse

  • We have a water tank sprayer that we bought from tractor supply to water the seedlings and water the plants in the field when need be (we still don’t use drip irrigation) I would love to have it someday but it has t been on the priority list yet

  • this year we will be using two layers of electric fencing for deer

I can’t think of anything else right now but if I do I will add it.

Please ask any questions you have in this supplies list. Start with what you can and buy the rest as you grow.

I started small with what we could afford with my budget just to make sure I liked doing it before we spent a ton of money on it! I have worked as hard as I can to make it work and we haven’t had to invest our own personal money into the flower farm since!

Links to everything I mentioned here

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