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So before I ever thought I wanted to do something more than stay at home with our kids, I was already in love with agriculture.

I had been showing animals at our local fair since I was 4 and I had a love for the animal side of it all.

I was never really interested in the plants (I know that‘s the most important part haha).

We didn’t have a lot of money to invest in animals, or all of the equipment we needed to care for and house them. So I started searching online for something in agriculture that I could do with little money and Flower Farming popped up and I thought hmmmmmm... I can do that.

I found a book call ”Cut Flower Garden” by Floret and I bought it, I didn’t know flower farming was a thing, I didn’t know who Floret was, they didn’t have a TV show then haha.

I looked at it once and I got super intimidated and put it down for about a year until I got desperate for something more.

So now that my little spiel is out of the way, I’ll share with you where I have gotten all my info. so far.


  • Cut Flower Garden- All about how to grow a cut flower garden (Floret)

  • A Year In Flowers- Mostly about design and arranging (Floret)

  • Discovering Dahlias- about Growing and arranging dahlias (Floret)

  • Cool Flowers- about hardy annuals (Lisa Mason Ziegler)

  • The Flower Farmer- about how to grow and sell cut flowers (Lynn Bycynski)

Social Media

  • Muddy Acres Flower Farm

  • Cut Flowers 101 Facebook group (run by muddy acres)

  • Flower Farmers facebook group

So far these have been my only major resources and they have been a HUGE help!!!

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